Best Mother’s Day Gift Watches for Mom

What are some watches you can give your mom during Mother’s Day?

  1. A-UTL04 Ultra Thin
  2. SSML-01 Super Slim
  3. PCBJ-15 Ultra Thin
  4. P-8A004UV1 Gambler


Have you ever had to rack your brains just to find the perfect gift for your mom? Now that Mother’s Day is coming up, you would surely like to make your gift extra special. What better way to give back to your mom by purchasing her some timeless Mother’s Day gift watches? Though simple as a present they may be, a watch is the perfect way to show your gratitude to your mother for supporting you all throughout these years.

It won’t be difficult to imagine that you’re definitely keen on making sure that the watch is durable and can last for a long time. Fortunately, Armoury’s expertly crafted watch collections from D1 Milano and Fonderia have just the thing for you. Continue reading to learn more.


A-UTL04 Ultra Thin

A-UTL04 Ultra Thin

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate watch to give your mom, you definitely cannot go wrong with D1 Milano’s Ultra Thin Collection. Featuring a vast array of timepieces that can be worn by anyone, you definitely won’t be short of options. As such, their A-UTL04 Ultra Thin Classic is just what we need to start off with this list.

The watch is powered by a two-hand movement with a built-in anti-reflex coated mineral glass for optimal protection. Its frame and dial are made of brass material, assuring you that the watch can be resistant to forms of corrosion, weathering, and oxidation.

One of the watch’s most distinct features is that it comes with a beautiful strap made out of only the finest-quality calf suede leather on the market. Its rose gold stainless steel dial is also well-complemented by the blue-colored strap which can make any wearer easily stand out amongst the crowd. Another feature of this watch is that it can be paired with virtually any type of outfit – whether it be dress, casual, or semi-formal. Priced at just Php 18,200 truly, nothing says “I love you, mom” quite like this luxury timepiece.


SSML-01 Super Slim

SSML-01 Super Slim

This next watch by D1 Milano is something which, you might say, subverts the expectations of many. If you didn’t already know, their Super Slim collection perfectly caters to any wearer who’s looking to add a lovely watch to their accessory collection. You can say that today is your lucky day to find the perfect gift; the SSML-01 Super Slim does just the thing you want.

Unlike the first watch on our list, SSML-01 comes in a single-tone silver color – just the right kind of color for a mom who prefers subtlety. This particular quality does not mean, however, that the watch gives off a dull vibe — quite the opposite. Its sleek silver color brings out the exuberance in anyone who wears it.

For optimal convenience, this watch has been created with an integrated bracelet and stainless steel strap, making removal and wearing more ergonomic. The high-quality material of the watch allows it to withstand environmental elements that will alter its appearance, allowing it to be suitable for wear on different occasions.


PCBJ-15 Ultra Thin

PCBJ-15 Ultra Thin

Choosing a special watch for your mother can make for a much more challenging feat, especially if you don’t get creative with your options. There seems to be a misconception that only those watches which meet normative standards of “femininity” can make for a perfect gift. People who don’t have the same belief might likely revel in the fact that they can surprise their mothers with the PCBJ-15 Ultra Thin on their special day.

Mothers don’t necessarily prefer lighter-toned watch colors. In fact, some of them would rather go for a predominantly jet-black color such as the one this watch has. Coming from D1 Milano’s exceptional Polycarbon Collection, this piece is not only stylish, but offers the wearer with the highest durability. Reading time has been made easier with the anti-reflex coated glass on the dial, preventing eye strain from developing.

Another distinct characteristic about this watch is that its two arms and details have been applied with a rose-gold finish — a welcome contrast to its overall black hue. Coming in at an attractive price tag of just Php 11,800, this versatile timepiece will surely delight your mom on her day.


P-8A004UV1 Gambler

P-8A004UV1 Gambler

Changing gears for a bit, the last watch on our list comes from Italian watchmaker Fonderia’s Gambler collection. At first glance, the P-8A004UV1 seems unorthodox. Its NATO strap colors of green, white, and orange may seem to be an odd combination, but you’ll soon see why this is not the case. These colors, including the mint-green dial, provide a striking vibrance that can be difficult to find in many traditionally designed watches.

This watch is perfect for the mother who likes going outdoors, as she can easily pair it with streetwear, or any casual clothing of her choosing. The best thing about it is that it comes at just a ludicrously low price of Php 6,330 without sacrificing on style and quality.


Key Takeaway

You won’t have to look far when it comes to buying the perfect Mother’s Day gift watches for your mom, as Armoury’s D1 Milano and Fonderia’s collections can easily achieve this for you. Featuring sleek stainless steel and rose-gold designs, as well as vibrant color combinations, you definitely won’t run out of options.

What are you waiting for? Make your mom smile with these luxury watches specially curated for you by Armoury.

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