4 Fashionable Black Men’s Watches from D1 Milano

What are some of D1 Milano’s fashionable black watches for men?

  1. Ultra Thin 38 MM UTLL-01
  2. Ultra Thin 40 MM A-UTB03
  3. Ultra Thin 40 MM A-UT03
  4. Polycarbon 40.5MM PCBJ-10


When it comes to finding the right color for your watches, you definitely cannot go wrong with black. The thing about darker colors is that they can match virtually almost any kind and color of clothing you’re already wearing. It’s always a good idea to accessorize your outfit with something black. Not only is it a classic color, but it is also a very commanding one at that. If you’re thinking about incorporating this look into an outfit for any kind of occasion, why not consider wearing black men’s watches?

Aside from the obvious fashion aspect that black men’s watches have, they also offer you functionality. You may not really think about it, but having to constantly put out your mobile phone just to check the time can be impractical. Wear a watch on your wrist instead.

You might feel intimidated about buying a black watch because of the price. Fortunately for you, world-class watch brands like D1 Milano have stylistic black watches on offer for you, without burning a hole in your wallet.

If you want to learn about how you can more comfortably style black watches, continue reading to check out these stylish timepieces from D1 Milano.


D1 Milano Ultra Thin 38MM UTLL-01

Ultra Thin 38 MM UTLL-01

Some people don’t necessarily prefer wearing all-blacks. For this reason, they choose to wear watches with some, or only hints of the color in them. If you belong to this category, then the D1 Milano Ultra Thin 38MM UTLL-01 is the perfect watch for you.

The watch features a sleek black leather strap made of genuine Italian leather. The frame is designed in a stylish stainless steel-like silver color which complements the look of the black strap. Perhaps one of the most distinguishing features of this watch is that its protective layer is that of mineral glass which has been coated with blue anti reflex. This means that you’ll experience less strain on your eyes every time you’re checking your watch. The added anti-reflex coating also improves the readability of the timepiece.

At just PHP 14,000, this is the perfect black watch for first-time watch buyers. Though you can wear this watch for any kind of occasion, it’s most appropriate for the everyday casual look. Pair the watch with a comfortable black sweater, a pair of slim-fitting denim jeans, and some fresh white sneakers.


D1 Milano Ultra Thin 40 MM A-UTB03

Ultra Thin 40 MM A-UTB03

Sometimes, you can’t really help but treat yourself to a piece of extravagant accessory — you deserve only the most aesthetically appealing watches, after all. If you want to stand out from the rest, go with the D1 Milano Ultra Thin 40 MM A-UTB03.

Also a part of D1 Milano’s Ultra Thin Classic Collection, this timepiece features a bronze-like and rose-gold body. The subdued black dial is beautifully complemented by brilliant shimmering steel. The best thing about this watch is that it comes in at 40MM, making sure that any wearer bearing this watch on their wrist will remain comfortable.

Like the UTLL-01, this watch also comes with the same kind of anti-reflex coating, for only the most ergonomic experience. You can wear this watch alongside a suit and tie, business casual, or any everyday look — the choice is all yours.


D1 Milano Ultra Thin 40 MM A-UT03

Ultra Thin 40 MM A-UT03

Adorned with a classic blue calf suede Italian leather strap and a tang buckle type, the D1 Milano A-UT03’s black dial will add a touch of exuberance to any kind of occasion. You might think to yourself that telling time on a black dial would somewhat become difficult, but this watch will subvert your expectations. The silver details on the dial not only enhances the appearance, but also makes the watch uncannily striking.

Similar to the UTLL-03, this black watch comes in a stainless steel casing in silver color. Coupled with the proper kind of watch maintenance practices, you can keep this timepiece in pristine condition. The stainless steel material won’t become exposed to corrosion or any kind of oxidation, offering you with an added layer of longevity.

Because of the two-toned dark blue and black color, this is the perfect watch for any kind of everyday wear or any outfit with a hint of street style.


D1 Milano Polycarbon 40.5MM PCBJ-10

Polycarbon 40.5MM PCBJ-10

There is nothing as arresting and as alluring as such a simple shade of black. This is made evident by the D1 Milano Polycarbon PCBJ-10.

The PCBJ-10 belongs to D1 Milano’s Polycarbon Collection. The totally black timepiece is once again perfect for any kind of occasion. You’ll easily be able to command the attention of anyone in the room with this sleek statement piece.

The dial, case, and strap color are all in black, making for a stealthy, yet highly luxurious look. Its dial material has been produced with brass, ensuring once again that your watch would be free from corrosion which might compromise its appearance and functionality. Alongside the stainless steel buckle material, the polycarbonate strap also makes this watch more durable.

At a price of just PHP 10,200, you’ll soon have the black watch of your dreams. If you’re simply looking for something to give your loved one or partner, then you can never go wrong with the all-black style.


Key Takeaway

Buying black men’s watches can be a challenge. You might not really prefer going all-out with the color, but at the same time, you’d want a timepiece with a hint of this shade.

Whatever you choose, D1 Milano has got it all covered for you. Many of their watches belong to two of their most-beloved collections — the Ultra Thin Classic and Polycarbon Collection — can suit any outfit. You have the freedom to mix and match their high-quality and stylish timepieces with any article of clothing that defines your style.

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