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6 Father’s Day Gift Watches for Dad

  • June 17

What are the best Father’s Day gift watches?

  1. TW Steel CE7003
  2. TW Steel CE7009
  3. TW Steel CE7015
  4. D1 Milano PCBJ-10
  5. D1 Milano PCBJ-13
  6. Fonderia P-6N013UAN


Father’s Day is just right around the corner. You’re probably thinking of what to give to your dad now that this special day is coming up. While resorting to traditional presents such as a wallet, a stylish necktie, or a brand-new pair of Oxfords, you might want to change it up this time around. Armoury’s collection of father’s day gift watches are just the thing to make your dad smile during this time.

Whether your dad is a watch enthusiast or not, he’ll surely find the collections from D1 Milano, Fonderia, and TW Steel to be worthy of this attention. These high-quality watches have been specifically curated by the manufacturers themselves to provide their wearers with only the best-functioning pieces without sacrificing on the design. Made from only the finest materials and crafted with vigor, any of these timepieces is guaranteed to be the perfect gift for your dad.


TW Steel CE7003


Belonging to TW Steel’s Adesso Collection, the CE7003 is the perfect watch to start off this list. This chronograph features three mini-dials for only the most accurate time-telling. With a 6210 Japanese Chrono movement, it offers the wearer exceptional durability and longevity. Its genuine leather strap comes in a sleek brown color which is perfect for any kind of occasion. This makes for both a good complement and a nice contrast with its black dial.

The watch’s most distinguishing feature is that it has been inspired by the looks of TW Steel’s Canteen Collection watches, but with more refined features. No other watch treads the line between casual and luxury, better than this fine accessory.


TW Steel CE7009


Staying in the Adesso Collection, the CE7009 is the best choice if your dad prefers the cool colors of blue and the more natural flair of dark brown. Similar to the first watch on this list, the CE7009 features a Miyata movement for enhanced sturdiness. To add to this, its material has been sourced from only high-grade 316L steel to ensure that the watch can retain its appearance and aesthetic appeal for a longer time.

If your dad isn’t really a fan of black shades, this watch’s deep-blue dial color will certainly be to his liking. This timepiece is best paired with any casual look of your dad’s choosing.


TW Steel CE7015


There’s no better way to cap off the Adesso Collection than with their utterly beautiful CE7015. Its genuine leather strap, as well as its dial, comes in a dark blue color, which is easily highlighted by its AA-grade rose gold plated encasing.

Similar to the previous watches from the Adesso Collection, this watch can be supported on the wearer’s wrist through its folded clasp which is attached to the leather strap. Apart from creating a distinct style for the watch, it also serves as a protective material, in the event that the clasp accidentally snaps open. In this way, the wearer can rest in the knowledge that the accessory won’t just suddenly fall out of their wrist, allowing the wearer to maintain the watch’s quality and craftsmanship.


D1 Milano PCBJ-10


Changing gears this time around, we now move on to D1 Milano’s Polycarbon Collection. Featuring a completely black color, the PCBJ-10 is also another perfect father’s day gift watch.

The dark black color may, at first, seem difficult to fathom, but it’s quite simple really. This color is precisely what adds to the watch’s air of mystery. Furthermore, it perfectly blends in well with any kind of outfit – after all, there are very few colors as versatile as this one. To add to this quality, the watch is supported by a hidden butterfly clasp, which can be snapped open in either direction, for compactness, and convenience of the wearer. At a humble price of just Php 10,200, luxury has never been this affordable.


D1 Milano PCBJ-13


D1 Milano’s Polycarbon Collection just got better with their PCBJ-13. While this watch may seem fairly similar in the beginning, the difference lies in the subtleties. The dial and casing are both in gun color, giving the watch a more vibrant and shinier finish.

D1 Milano has also incorporated the Black Luminova technology in the watch’s black dial, which gives the watch a higher level of visibility, especially during nighttime. Coupled with a blue anti-reflex coating, the Luminova is able to reduce any potential eyestrain, as well as discomfort, when glancing at this arm wear.


Fonderia P-6N013UAN


On a tight budget, but want to buy your dad a vintage-looking watch? Fonderia has got just the right thing for you. The pieces in their Captain Collection are perfect for the thrill-seeking dad, who is always on the lookout for the next great adventure.

The P-6N013UAN features a bright orange dial, which easily stands out in any kind of getup – whether it be casual or street style. It’s perfect for dads who prefer to add a splash of color to their watch collection – and this watch certainly fits.

Priced at just under Php 8,000, saving up for this watch is no trouble. You may also want to check out the other collections from Fonderia to find a timepiece your dad would definitely appreciate.


Key Takeaway

There’s no better way to surprise your dad this month of June than by choosing any of the collections from Armoury. These timepieces can make for the perfect father’s day gift watches. You can also choose from a range of luxury, or casual styles – whichever you prefer, you can guarantee that you won’t regret your purchase.

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