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A Guide To Power Dressing For Watches

  • March 30

How do you incorporate watches in power dressing?

  1. Know your pieces
  2. Learn about the different men’s attires
  3. Match the watch with the suit
  4. Compliment the color scheme


A gentleman’s suit exudes power and radiates confidence, and to complete the image, there are certain watches that match each piece seamlessly. Before we delve into power dressing for watches, here’s a short primer on timepieces and attires to match them with.


Know your Pieces

man drinking coffee wearing watch

Dress watches are simple. It consists of a thin leather strap and a minimalistic display with just hash marks or small numbers (or none at all) besides the time hands, and no other embellishments.

Dive or diver’s watches can withstand heavy underwater pressure and have a medium-sized face with metal or leather strapping and a unidirectional bezel ring around the main clock.

Racing watches, also categorized as sports watches, are usually medium- to large-sized, always include a chronograph, and at times a date display is affixed to it. It can come with a variety of strap materials.

Pilot or aviator watches have very visible numerals or hash marks and have an oversized dial. It is specifically designed for pilots who need to check the time at a quick glance. Some designs also have luminous marks and hands.

Field watches are rugged and versatile, made to endure heavy activity. They come in leather or canvas straps, in small to medium sizes.


Different Men’s Attires

Now we go to the definition of attires that you’d typically find in a more formal setting.

Black Tie or White Tie refers to the classic, highly formal outfits comprising tuxedos, bow ties, pleated dress shirts, and leather oxford shoes — pieces that you’ll see off of The Great Gatsby. This outfit is strictly reserved for occasions of top distinction and class.

Business Dress involves a conservative selection of pieces but can range from blacks to browns/beiges and grey/blue hues. The classic silhouette is created via a coat, slacks, a tucked-in polo shirt, and a nice pair of leather shoes. These are typically worn in high-powered corporate settings and formal gatherings.

Business Casual calls for button-down shirts, open blazers, sport coats and the like. To some extent, jeans paired with classy leather shoes and a formal top ensemble can be included here. This combination is usually worn by entrepreneurs or business owners while on a normal work day. While you’re more open to wackier colors, keep them in check with combinations of dressier counterparts to go alongside them.


Match the Watch with the Suit

bearded man in suit wearing watch

Dress watches are timeless and understated, which boasts true class. You don’t need to be loud to exude confidence, and the dress watch does just that. If anything can be matched with a black or white-tie affair, a dress watch is your best bet. You don’t need to wear a watch to compliment the outfit, but an elegant dress watch should add a great touch of sophistication to the whole regalia.

If the affair calls for a business dress, then you can extend your selection from just a dress watch to a chunkier dive watch, but no further. These two watches complement the gravitas of the affair and keep you looking sharp without standing out like a sore thumb.

Business casual opens up the floor for larger faced watches like the racing watch and the pilot/aviator style watches. You can also bring in your high-end chronograph watches to this affair. In this setting, you can dress to impress with louder colors and be more expressive, so lose the stuffy necktie and let your cool watch call more attention to itself.


Compliment the Color Scheme

As an added note, make sure that your leather watch strap matches your shoes and belt. For example, a black leather strap should ideally be paired with black shoes and a black belt.

If you have a metal strap, then closely match the hue of your metal accents like your belt and shoe buckles, cufflinks, and rings. Metal should also be matched to your suit color – silvers go with blacks, greys, and blues. Gold goes well with browns, beiges, and tans.


Key Takeaway

Truly mastering the art of power dressing with watches is an exercise in subtlety and knowing what’s appropriate. As you move up the level of formality, choose a watch that takes less attention away from the attire, and the occasion as a whole.

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