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4 Best Watch Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

  • March 17

What are the best men’s watches perfect for birthday gifts?

  1. TW Steel Maverick MS104
  2. D1 Milano Polycarbon 40.5 MM
  3. Fonderia Captain
  4. TW Steel Grandeur Diver


Coming up with birthday gifts is not easy. You would not only have to think about the person’s interests, but you may also want to consider the practicality of the present you’re planning to give to that person. Different people have different tastes, and you can never be too safe when choosing a gift. This is why you should consider these watch birthday gift ideas for men to give as a present.

If you have a man in your life whose birthday is coming up, it’s in your best interest to begin thinking about what gift to buy him. Thankfully, there exist many men’s gift ideas for birthdays in the Philippines. If you’re on the fence about what to give to your partner, father, or brother, for example, why not consider purchasing a watch for them? Though timepieces are a bit more on the pricey side, they’re a perfect way to tell your loved ones that you value them in your lives.

Continue reading to learn more about the different watch ideas you can give as a present.


TW Steel Maverick MS104

TW Steel Maverick

Watches are in abundance in many stores across the country. You could see them displayed inside highly secured glass cases inside department stores, where you might even score a discount on a highly prized item.

The trouble with most of these watches, however, is that they look far too similar to one another. There is absolutely nothing to distinguish them from the rest. Everyone deserves something special, and your significant other definitely deserves the new TW Steel Maverick MS104.

Incorporating traditional elements from its original design, the TW Steel Maverick is a testament to the original values of the beloved watch manufacturer. Featuring a predominantly dark blue dial which contrasts the beautiful dark brown leather strap, this timepiece is as exquisite as it can get.

This watch is also perfect for any type of occasion. It can be worn in casual settings or more formal settings to compliment your partner’s suit and tie. Whatever the occasion, you can be sure your partner looks as dapper as ever.


D1 Milano Polycarbon Ultra Thin 40.5 MM

D1 Milano Polycarbon Ultra Thin

Thinking about the perfect gift for your dad or your partner can be difficult. But if you’ve already set yourself on purchasing a watch for them, that’s only actually half the job done. You would also have to think about the kind of design they would want. Watches come in a variety of colors and if you know someone who would like to go for a sleeker and more contemporary look, then the D1 Milano Polycarbon 40.5 MM is perfect for them.

Jet black is the name of the game and this timepiece is completely enveloped in all of the color’s sheer aesthetic appeal. Another distinct feature of the watch is that it is encased in a polycarbonate layer, offering its wearer with comfort and durability. With a mineral coated in blue anti-reflex to help reduce wear and tear, you would be ensured of the timepiece’s longevity.

Perfect for any occasion, the watch will certainly garner awe-inspiring looks from everyone inside the room.


Fonderia Captain

Fonderia Captain

Luxurious dress watches don’t have to come at a price. But they certainly do have to look the part. Gifting a new Fondeira Captain to anyone will surely make the rest of their birthday more memorable.

Featuring a dark red dial and brown leather strap, this watch can perfectly complement a specially tailored business suit for your brother, partner, or dad. The glass is that of domed plexiglass, ensuring its durability.

What sets this watch apart from the rest is that its design has been inspired by the Italian standard of watch-making. Whoever the lucky one may be, they would definitely be taken back to sweet memories of riding a little gondola on the waters of the iconic Venice Canal.


TW Steel Grandeur Diver

TW Steel Grandeur Diver

Not every man you have in your life will likely develop a dedicated love affair with the art of diving. But if by any chance you meet one, you’d have a grasp of just how expensive such a hobby can be. They might spend their free time preoccupying themselves with researching some of the most beautiful diving spots around the country.

Coming up with a gift for highly enthusiastic marine and aqua lovers can be a challenge. Buying them a full-blown island just to quench their thirst for the depths of the water might not be in your realm of possibilities, after all.

Luckily for you, the TW Steel Grandeur Driver complements their indescribably expensive hobby. Featuring a patterned black silicone strap and a body made of high-grade steel, the watch is durable and has a higher resistance against corrosion, for easier maintenance. The black color of the dial also provides the accessory with a stylish appearance, making for a more fitting appeal.


Key Takeaway

Not knowing what to give just some of the most important men in your life is something you would want to avoid. These watch birthday gift ideas for men are definitely some of your best bets. The best thing about them is that you can find styles that are cheap, practical, and have specialized features.

The simple guide above has hopefully made it easier for you to come up with the best men’s gift ideas for birthdays in the Philippines. There is no longer any time to waste – head to your local online shop and purchase the watch of his dreams.

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