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5 Watches for Casual Wear

  • May 29

What are some watches you can pair with any casual wear?

  1. Ultra Thin PCBJ-10
  2. Super Slim SSML-01
  3. Ultra Thin PCBJ-09
  4. Saltspeeder P-9A011UW1
  5. Adesso CE7007


If you like to play around with your clothing and mix and match different styles, your accessories are just as important as the shirt you wear, for example. When you’re out and about, you want people to notice your outfit, or to simply marvel at how well put-together it is. You can easily achieve the perfect look by buying some of the best-looking watches for casual wear to complete your everyday outfit. The best part is, you don’t even have to try hard – any of these watches can easily add a nice touch and flair of casual modernity to your street style.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for the best watches for casual wear – Armoury has all of them for you. With carefully designed timepieces from D1 Milano and Fonderia, you won’t run out of options to achieve the casual look you’ve always been aiming for.


Ultra Thin PCBJ-10


This first watch on our list is definitely not for those who prefer lighter colors. D1 Milano’s Ultra Thin PCBJ-10 is, instead, specifically catered to those who like wearing tones of black in their clothing, whether or not the occasion calls for it. Coming from their Polycarbon Collection, the PCBJ-10 is lightweight and has been wrapped in the stealthy color of black polycarbonate. It’s undeniably most distinguishing feature is that it comes in an all-black color which brings out the sleekness of any dark-toned outfit.

The strap has been made with a buckle-type mechanism, for easier wear. Its stainless steel material also ensures that the watch can easily withstand any form of corrosion, allowing you to wear it for a prolonged time period without experiencing much wear and tear. Pair this watch with a simple combination of a plain black t-shirt, black slim-fit jeans, and casual sneakers, and you’ve already put up a clothing ensemble worthy of the urban jungle.


Super Slim SSML-01


This next watch is much similar to D1 Milano’s all-black polycarbonate watch – except for the color. The Super Slim SSML-01’s dial rim, frame, and strap all come in a stylish silver-like stainless steel color for added style and protection. D1 Milano’s watches are all about style and convenience and this timepiece’s fold-over clasp buckle type is no exception, allowing the wearer to easily put on and remove the accessory.

While the framing has been manufactured with stainless steel, the dial has been meticulously designed in brass material, accentuating the watch’s hour markers. It has a protective coating in the form of mineral glass to ensure that the product is scratch-resistant and won’t easily break once you accidentally drop it. Furthermore, the mineral glass ensures ergonomic time-telling, especially for people who might experience frequent eye strain.

The watch is best paired with a simple casual outfit of a loose white shirt, brown leather jacket, distressed jeans, white sneakers, and high-cut trainers.


Ultra Thin PCBJ-09


Staying true to D1 Milano’s Polycarbon Collection, the Ultra Thin PCBJ-09 is both convenient, easily-wearable, stealthy, and lightweight. It contains all the other features which you might like about the PCBJ-10, such as the hidden butterfly clasp, polycarbonate framing, and an all-black dial color, just to name a few.

Unlike the previously mentioned watch, however, this watch has been designed with a unique grey camouflage pattern which is perfect for avid fans of this kind of design. When it comes to the durability of the watch, you certainly can’t go wrong with its polycarbonate and stainless steel combination. Gone are your days of worrying about scratches because this watch offers the wearer with a high level of sturdiness.

To achieve the best street style, complement this watch with a camouflage jacket, black shirt, ripped skinny jeans, and white sneakers.


Saltspeeder P-9A011UW1


Changing gears now. We move on to Fonderia’s Saltspeeder Collection. Now, this is a brand you absolutely cannot go wrong with, as their watches are specifically tailored to offer that elusive casual-look, fit for the urban jungle. Their P-9A011UW1 can easily provide you with both a luxury and laid-back style of your dreams.

As a chronograph watch, the P-9A011UW1 contains three small dials for ultimate function. Its dial has been colored in the light tone of white, with the dials starkly and beautifully contrasting the overall appearance. This watch also offers you the utmost comfort on your wrist, as it has been designed with a soft, yet sturdy brown leather strap from only the finest raw materials.

While this watch usually goes well with any of the streetwear outfits mentioned above, it is specifically perfect with a combination of a white shirt, a beige jacket, ripped skinny jeans, and brown mid-calf boots.


Adesso CE7007


There is no better way to cap off this list of best casual watches than with the CE7007 from TW Steel’s Adesso Collection. This watch arguably offers a higher level of sophistication compared to the other watches on this list. It has been refined to carefully tread the fine lines which perfectly hang among and between sports, luxury, and casual.

Like the Saltspeeder, this watch is a chronograph that contains a blue dial and a fine leather strap. Its steel-like case coloring adds another layer of sleekness which is present in all of TW Steel’s collections.

A light blue long-sleeved shirt, brown sling bag, folded black pants, and some casual sneakers can easily make this watch stand out in the accessories that you wear.


Key Takeaway

Wondering where to find the best watches for casual wear? Look no further because Armoury has all of them for you. Their TW Steel, D1 Milano, and Fonderia collections have only been meticulously crafted to help you achieve the best streetwear outfit on any given day.

This simple style guide above can hopefully serve as a starting point for you to find the best casual watches.

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