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4 Watches For Summer Activities

  • July 15

What are the 4 watches you need for summer activities?


  1. Snorkeling: TW Steel CE5009
  2. Diving: TW Steel TW705
  3. Trail Hiking: Luminox XL.8895
  4. Outdoor Sports: Fonderia P-6N013UAN


With the hot season in the Philippines in full swing, you might be adding summer activities to the agenda. Whether you’re the hardcore outdoor sports type, or if you prefer spending your time on the beach for more water activities, it’s safe to say that there are noteworthy watches well suited to different tasks. You can possibly get away with wearing just one watch to tackle all your plans, but some timepieces suit certain activities better than others. Read on because we’ve rounded up our top four watches for summer activities for your next adventure! 


Snorkeling: TW Steel CE5009

Snorkeling TW Steel CE5009

The beach is perfect for all kinds of activities under the sun. You can play with your friends on the sand, go on island hopping tours, and even snorkel to check out the Philippine marine life.  

Take the TW Steel CE5009 when you go on your next snorkeling adventure! Belonging to the TW Steel’s CEO Diver Collection, this is the perfect watch to start off our summer watch list. 

This chronograph features a black dial for a sleek-looking time-tell function. Its silicon strap comes in a matching black color to complement your black dial. The CE5009 has a sandblasted steel bezel and case design with a matte finish to give off that bold look. With a 6S20 Miyota movement, it offers you a 10 atm water (100 meters) resistance — perfect for swimming in shallow waters


Diving: TW Steel TW705

Diving TW Steel TW705

When it comes to braving the harshest waves for diving activities, you’ll need a watch that can keep up with you. Upholding the TW Steel’s Grandeur Diver collection name comes the TW Steel TW705. Priding itself with a 20 atm water resistance, it is suitable for professional marine activities, serious surface water sports, and skin diving.

It is equipped with a durable black silicon strap stretching the function for water exposure. You’ll be able to see it even in dark waters because it is equipped with an anti-dust protection layer and PVD dark titanium coated clasp.  

The TW Steel TW705’s most distinguishing feature is that it has an inner bezel with a diver ring construction useful for telling the time spent underwater. It also has a special case for straps to fit perfectly around your wrist. Go ahead and gear up for your diving trip because this timepiece is definitely worthy of being used by adventure seekers like you. 


Trail Hiking/Camping: Luminox XL. 8895

Trail Hiking Luminox XL.8895

Tough as steel and ready to help you with land activities, the Luminox Land Collection is bound to be at your wrist. This Swiss-made watch prides itself on its sense of style and being one of the most durable timepieces around. Endorsed by the US Navy SEALS and SWAT teams, the Luminox XL.8895 is the right sidekick to take on your thrilling trail hikes or camping agendas.  

Boasting a date window and unidirectional bezel, this watch focuses on a red and black color scheme. Need to tell the time when the sun is setting on your camping trip? Don’t worry, this watch has hands that glow in the dark.

The Luminox XL.8895 is completely guarded with a black crown extension and a carbon compound case if ever there is any impact during your adventures. 

Experience Luminox’s signature features including a functional analog display, 45 mm water resistance, and a Swiss quartz movement. The best part about it? It has a treaded rubber strap and a Sapphire crystal dial window. Enjoy hiking along suburban trails and camping out while using the Luminox XL.8895 that combines functionality and durability at the same time.


Outdoor Sports: Fonderia P-6N013UAN 

Outdoor Sports Fonderia P-6N013UAN

From the Fonderia’s Captain Collection, comes the P-6N013UAN which is perfect for sports enthusiasts who always crave the outdoors. 

It features a bright orange dial to make you stand out in any kind of court. Exude that vintage statement with the watch’s handmade black leather strap and domed plexiglass. Enriched with a 10 atm water resistance and a screwed back case and crown, this watch falls nothing short of a sports watch. 

The P-6N013UAN capitalizes on years of careful Italian craftsmanship, making this a reliable timepiece for all your outdoor sports events. 


Key Takeaway

When it comes to picking the right watches for summer activities, high-performance watch brands like TW Steel, Luminox, and Fonderia are designed for you. The few features to consider when purchasing a summer watch include functionality, durability, and sometimes water resistance. Choose from a wide range of high-quality watches from the Armoury collection here. You won’t regret your next summer purchase with us.

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