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3 Affordable Luxury Watches From D1 Milano

  • August 4

What are the affordable luxury watches from D1 Milano?

  1. CHBJ-04
  2. PCBJ-15
  3. SSML-01


Numerous misconceptions surround watches and one involves luxury timepieces. When one thinks about elegant-looking watches, an expensive price comes to mind too. However, some noteworthy brands just prove how wrong that notion is — D1 Milano is one of them. Established in 2013, the premium Italian watch manufacturer offers affordable luxury watches. Each timepiece is designed to fit anyone’s wrist for a reasonable price. After all, a high price doesn’t always equate to high quality either.

D1 Milano is strongly dedicated to providing watches that pay meticulous attention to detail and aesthetics. This is what makes clients trust the brand. Read on to learn more about these.




Coming from D1 Milano’s Chronograph Collection is a watch that lets you experience a timeless aesthetic and precision. It’s your endless pursuit of everything elegant that makes the CHBJ-04 your luxury timepiece choice.
The rose gold stainless steel bezel matches the rose gold bracelet strap which makes it fall nothing short of prestige. Every gent will stand out when wearing the CHBJ-04 given the stunning black Soleil dial and rose gold number markings.

This 41.55 MM piece of accessory is powered with a highly complex Seiko Meca-Quartz movement making it not only luxurious but also functional. With added 5 atm water resistance and scratch-resistant sapphire glass, you can truly push durability to the highest level.

Sure, you can read the time through the crystal. But what’s the most striking detail about this watch? It features three mini dials that allow you to tell the varied minutes that have elapsed.

From suit and tie occasions to everyday casual looks — wear a watch to exude a dapper appearance. You don’t have to worry about carrying it on your wrist for long periods because it is designed to bring comfort to the user.
For a reasonable price of PHP 29,900.00, you get to take home a watch that gives stylishness and versatility a whole new meaning.




Let’s face it. There is nothing as alluring as a timepiece that comes in a stealthy black color. The PCBJ-15 makes this evident. Belonging to D1 Milano’s Polycarbon Collection comes this bold black-dominated watch that is truly an attention-grabber.

The dial, strap, and case are all in black, giving off that sleek statement to it. Meanwhile, the bezels, hands, and indexes feature an elegant rose gold color stainless steel. It is perfect for every occasion and you’ll easily impart a luxurious look while wearing the timepiece around your wrist.

Sporting a Meca-quartz Seiko movement and 5 atm water resistance, it still sticks to D1 Milano’s signature traits. However, the dial is unique for it is made with brass material.

Brass ensures that the watch is durable when it comes to countering corrosion — which compromises functionality and appearance. D1 Milano strengthens the PCBJ-15’s resilience further by adding a hidden butterfly buckle clasp, mineral glass crystal with blue anti-reflex coating, and polycarbonate straps and casing.

When it comes to looking for the right colored timepiece, you can never go wrong with the PCBJ-15. For an affordable price of PHP 10,200.00, you can get your hands on not only a durable watch but also a highly sophisticated one.




The last watch on this list is definitely not the least. D1 Milano’s Super Slim Collection boasts a sleek accessory that can enhance your every look, the SSML-01. Classic and premium, these are the phrases used to describe this magnificent timepiece.

It features a Citizen Miyota Quartz movement and 5 atm water resistance. With a 36 MM case diameter and 6 MM case thickness, it truly lives it up to its collection name. The case, strap, and buckle are finished in stainless steel material making it highly durable. Meanwhile, the dial is made with brass material to further ensure resistance from corrosion.

Sporting an all-silver dial, hands, and indexes, the SSM1-01 is the perfect companion to your everyday agendas. The Milanese bracelet strap makes a statement of character, strength, and attitude. For only PHP 13,800.00, get a pristine-looking timepiece that integrates luxury to its core.


Key Takeaway

When you plan on investing in an elegant-looking watch, you might feel intimidated by pricing concerns. However, this won’t be the case with the top-notch Italian watch manufacturer, D1 Milano.

Find affordable luxury watches that are sure to offer high-quality features and stylish designs. While you’re at it, you don’t even have to put a huge dent in your bank account.

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