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Best D1 Milano Couple’s Watches

  • March 5

What are the best D1 Milano couple’s watches?

  1. D1 Milano As A Fashion Focused Brand
  2. Ultra Thin Classic
  3. Polycarbon
  4. Super Slim


When you’re shopping for yourself and your partner, the abundance of choices for a couple’s watch in the Philippines takes a lot of research and time. Naturally, it’s best to find the option that covers great pricing and design. Couple’s watches are amazing options for gifts as they are fashionable and functional. For today’s spotlight, D1 Milano offers a variety of designs that’s perfect for different couples. D1 Milano couple’s watches are fashion statements that you and your partner shouldn’t miss out on.


D1 Milano As A Fashion Focused Brand

D1 Milano Ultra Thin Classic

D1 Milano watches are a fashion-focused Italian watch brand that works for any wrist size. There are different collections to choose from, which can fit any event and style. From weddings to casual wear, D1 Milano can match anyone’s taste. The craftsmanship of these timepieces uses only the finest Italian design that’s distinguishable from different brands. The cases and integrated bracelets are detailed with the finest to give you a dash of luxury each time you secure the watch on your wrist.

D1 Milano watches mix up their designs to feel luxurious while still remaining approachable. The mix of brushed and polished accents to simple rose gold plated cases is a wonderful first impression when opening the box. The slick design ensures a seamless flow that fits well under casual, formal, and professional circumstances. These watches are the perfect gift for couples who want to show off versatile fashion. In the upcoming sections, you can find the best watches from this brand to rock with your partner.


Ultra Thin Classic

D1 Milano Ultra Thin Classic

For casual days, the Ultra Thin Classic collection fits any wrist size. Each watch uses genuine Italian calf suede leather for a soft look that connects to a 38mm or 49mm wide case. The movement for the Ultra Thin Classic uses a 2-hand movement without the fuss. It’s a fashionable timepiece that uses modern stainless steel rose gold plating for construction. If you prefer other finishes, there’s a silver-plated stainless steel option for those who prefer cool tones.

Dial materials are made from brass which is then coated with mineral glass with blue anti-reflex. The stunningly clear anti-reflective coating is visually beautiful from all angles. The simplicity of this collection makes it an easy choice as each component is flawlessly crafted and applied using Italian craftsmanship. Ultra Thin Classic can be worn formally or casually with all these combined elements. It’s an instant statement on your wrist that’s simple and elegant.



D1 Milano Polycarbon

The Polycarbon collection boasts an androgynous design that still gives a kiss of luxury on your wrist. Each watch in this collection is made with stealthy polycarbonate material in a variety of cases, dials, and bracelets. You still get the same thin quality of the Ultra Thin Classic but in a much more subdued form.

The upgrade features a 3-hand movement with the same mineral glass and blue anti-reflex coating. The cases are 40.5mm in diameter with 8.8mm thickness. The case and hands use polycarbonate with Black Luminova and a brass dial that blends seamlessly into any style. It’s also available in grey camouflage polycarbonate and classic black with silver details. You should check out this collection if you want subtlety in your styles.


Super Slim

D1 Milano Super Slim

The Super Slim collection is a pristine, premium, and timeless classic dress watch. It’s easy to make a statement with this collection as it uses clean-cut cases and bracelets that are suitable for different occasions. It uses a 2-hand system for movement with a 36mm diameter case that’s 6mm thick. It’s perfect for anyone who wants something that isn’t too overwhelming in size but can still make a big impact on an outfit. The mineral glass coating reflects the right amount of light for an elegant timepiece.

The case and bracelet use stainless steel in silver and rose gold plating. The case blends seamlessly with the bracelet and is easily secured on the wrist with a fold-over strap. Super Slim is polished to perfection from front to back. Even the smallest details like the crown and connectors shine in the light luxuriously. The push-pull crown matches the finish of the case for an unassuming look that’s easy to use.


Key Takeaway

It’s easy to get lost when finding the perfect couple watch but this collection proves you don’t have to be. D1 Milano watches in the Philippines is the ultimate fashion-forward statement when it comes to couple’s watches. In the Philippines, you can get these timepieces at Armoury PH. Our online lifestyle store can help you find the most sought-after couple watches and accessories that fit various modern trends. It’s your one-stop-shop for the perfect everyday timepiece. Find the perfect everyday accessory by clicking here!

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