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4 Fonderia Men’s Watches Under 10K Pesos

  • May 7

What men’s watches under 10k pesos can you buy from Fonderia?

  1. Captain P-8A013UNR
  2. Captain P-6A013UNN
  3. Captain P-6N013UNN
  4. Gambler P-8A004UV1


It can be difficult to come up with the perfect gift for an important man in your life. After all, you have limitless considerations which can make the choice even more difficult for you. Aside from the style and the preference of that person, you’d also have to consider the budget. If you’re already set on purchasing a watch, you’d probably like that well-loved watch manufacturers like Fonderia offers beautiful watches under 10k Pesos.

Fonderia has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you’re thinking of buying something for a Millennial, or for the young-at-heart, you won’t run out of options. With this up-and-coming brand, you can ensure that any watch you purchase has been crafted to precision, using only the finest-grade materials. What are you waiting for? Make someone happy with these four affordable timepieces.


Captain P-8A013UNR

Captain P-8A013UNR

Gifting a present to an adventurous person can be difficult. You run the risk of either sorely disappointing them with your present, or spending an exorbitant amount on something impractical for them. Fortunately, Fonderia’s Captain Collection has just the right type of watch for you. Make an adventurous and risk-loving man happy by buying him a Captain P-8A013UNR.

While perfect for any occasion, nothing embodies quite as much an adventurous experience as the first timepiece on our list. At first glance, one of the most striking features about this watch is its two-toned red and black outer rimming — two colors that perfectly complement one another.

Its strap is a steel mesh bracelet that adds a little bit of shimmer to any style. Wear this on your wrist, and you’ll soon be the subject of “oohs” and “ahhs” from anyone who notices it.

Priced at just Php 6,330, you’ll still have enough money left from your Php 10,000 to buy a good pair of shoes, for instance, to match the watch. Packaged in a durable and vintage-style container, anyone would be delighted to receive this beauty.


Captain P-6A013UNN

Captain P-6A013UNN

One of the best things about the Captain collection is the wide array of watch styles and selections to choose from. Whether you want to give someone a timepiece that screams adventure, or a luxurious accessory that matches a sleek outfit of suit and tie, this brand has virtually everything. Still part of the Captain collection, another affordable, yet high-quality watch you can purchase is the P-6A013UNN.

Designed with a jet black dial color, stainless steel frame, and brown leather strap, this watch is truly a classic. Similar to the first watch on this list, the wearer can accessorize a casual outfit while simultaneously exuding the same vibe if he were to pair it with a dress outfit.

With a built-in domed plexi glass protection, you can ensure that the watch is durable enough to last for a long time. At just Php 7,250 this is luxury at its most affordable yet.


Captain P-6N013UNN

Captain P-6N013UNN

Truly, the Fonderia Captain Collection can satisfy the preferences of any kind of wearer, on any given occasion. Staying true to its roots of creating vintage and sporty watches, another item in their collection which you should definitely watch out for is the P-6N013UNN.

Unlike the previous two watches on this list, this watch’s selling point is that it comes in a sleek, dark, black color that complements any style of clothing. This timepiece is not too casual for corporate clothing, but at the same time not too luxurious to wear every day. Similar to the P-6A013UNN, this water-resistant watch has been beautifully-fitted with a leather strap, but this time in a stylish black color.

If you want some perfect style ideas to pair this watch with, think of sticking to neutral colors like dark brown, black, or grey. On the other hand, making this watch the highlight of your entire outfit of the day is also possible. Try mixing and matching clothing styles with different kinds of white dress shirts, for the best look because the choice is yours. After all, its Php 7,830 price tag is well-worth the purchase.


Gambler P-8A004UV1

Gambler P-8A004UV1

Moving on from the Captain Collection now, we’ll be heading to a collection that features vibrant and lively designs that are suited for men with creative personalities out there. The Gambler Collection brings out the colorful side of any wearer, making them experiment on different kinds of clothing articles.

The P-8A004UV1 features a mint green colored dial which will definitely make its wearer stand out amongst the crowd. The strap is a meticulously-pieced together nato strap with a perfect combination of green, orange, and white.

Priced at just Php 6,330, there’s no better way to end this list of affordable watches from Fonderia than with a colorful watch such as this.


Key Takeaway

The next time you wonder to yourself if there is any watch you can buy without breaking the bank, then you wouldn’t have to look further because Fonderia’s watches under 10k pesos makes the job easier for you. These Italian designs will surely make any man in your life happy – and you didn’t even have to spend so much.

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