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How To Style Fonderia Watches

  • March 6

How do you wear a watch with style?

  1. Casual
  2. Smart Casual
  3. Business
  4. Suit and Tie


People invest in watches for many reasons. For some, it is an essential device that keeps track of time. Others amass vast collections of watches because they value these pieces of vintage jewelry that are not likely to lose their value anytime soon. For many, it can be a statement accessory. This timeless accessory can definitely change your overall look, make a statement, and even demonstrate your personality! Fonderia values all of these qualities in their pieces. Follow this guide to wearing a watch with style featuring Fonderia’s modern and dynamic timepieces and witness the power of this accessory yourself by matching them with your outfits.



Fonderia Saltspeeder

This dress code consists of your everyday casual clothes, from polo shirts, jeans, to your favorite t-shirts. If you want to spice up your ordinary outfits, here is a watch that will firmly put your casual outfit together.

The Saltspeeder is a versatile timepiece that is ready to take on the day with you and your conventional activities. You maintain enough balance to make a statement and go with any outfit you wear on your day-to-day. It’s made with mineral glass, with a steel bracelet and a silver and white dial — absolutely perfect for walking around confidently every day. Utilizing this as your casual watch pick is highly ideal because silver goes well with almost anything. But to amp it up a little more, style it with anything black, white and navy blue.


Smart Casual

Fonderia Captain

Smart casual outfits are your safe casual wear, taken to the next level with components and hints of formality. We’re talking deep denim, button-down shirts, sometimes sport coats and leather shoes. You’d probably see yourself picking these pieces of clothing for places like a casual workplace or on dates. In events like these, you’d want to incorporate larger watch faces. Here are the best Fonderia watches for your smart-casual outfits:

These watches are your go-to pieces to incorporate into your smart-casual looks. They feature just the precise amount of style to make a statement or even put the smart in smart casual. The CAPTAIN P-8A013UBB is a silver timepiece that mixes vintage and sporty. Made with a steel mesh bracelet and finished off with a blue dial, ideal for matching your dark pieces of denim and button-downs. Meanwhile, the CAPTAIN P-6N013UNN comes in a black leather strap and dial, the ultimate pick for those who love incorporating color into their outfits to balance it out.



Fonderia Captain

Business attire primarily consists of collared shirts, khakis, slacks, and leather shoes. If you work in an office that requires you to adhere to their dress codes, these watches will surely complete your look. While maintaining a business wardrobe may not be too budget-friendly, investing in high-quality watches will make all your outfits look luxurious and put together.

For business outfits, you can never go wrong with leather. It is guaranteed to spice things up, especially when part accessories like watches. One of the most enjoyable things about leather is that it comes in many shades and hues of brown, from light to dark and everything in between.

The CAPTAIN P-6AO13UNN is a great leather strap timepiece to include in your business outfits because it provides a splendid color of the leather. On the other hand, the CAPTAIN P-6A013UGG offers a duskier hue of leather straps, great for those who love to wear the colors navy and white. For a good complement to your daily business outfits, you can also match them with leather belts, bags, and shoes.


Suit and Tie

Fonderia Saltspeeder

Formal events come by often in certain workplaces. You’d want to be ready for your most proper dapper outfit. Although your suit and tie are the highlights, adding in a sleek and sophisticated watch will undoubtedly give you an air of elegance. Allow some of Fonderia’s best sellers to complete your formal looks for you.

Thin leather straps are as formal as they get and you will never go wrong with touches of gold and silver. Watches like the SALTSPEEDER P-9A011UNW and the SALTSPEEDER P-9R011UNR are best sellers for a reason. They are infinitely flexible and versatile watches that can be the star of the show at your formal events or even just wear them to complete your day-to-day outfits.


Key Takeaway

How are you planning to approach your day? Every event and place has its own formality of clothing. No matter what event you’re attending, watches are assuredly your go-to pick to complete off your whole look! Make sure you determine the category of the clothes you’re wearing to be able to style your Fonderia Watches with them. With these common dress code formalities, you will be able to know how to wear a watch with style.

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