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3 Active-Lifestyle Watches From Luminox

  • July 28

What are the best active-lifestyle watches from Luminox? 

  1. XL.8841.KM.SEL
  2. XL.8895 
  3. XA.6422 


Looking for active-lifestyle watches? Luminox offers watches equipped with the best features for extreme activities. The 31-year-old Swiss brand has been trusted by clients — most notably the Navy SEALs. It is the ultimate essential gear for sports lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  


Luminox watches pride themselves on durability and high-grade materials. These timeless pieces can handle the toughest weather conditions. With that being said, we’ve rounded up the best watches from Luminox. Gear up for the perfect accessory that matches your active lifestyle. 




Starting off our list is the XL.8841.KM.SEL, a 48 mm high-performance accessory coming from Luminox’s Land Collection. When you take a good look at this watch, you’ll immediately notice its superior hybrid quality design.  

From its scratch-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystals to the carbon-reinforced polycarbonate case, this timepiece proves itself to be among the toughest watches. 

Also, the XL.8841.KM.SEL is powered by Luminox Light Technology. The bezel, dial, and hands are illuminated for accurate night time-telling. You don’t have to worry about gearing up with this accessory even in environments with zero visibility.

Its black dial with a dash of yellow and white markings is matched with a signature black polyurethane rubber strap. Notice its 100-meter water resistance, which makes it the perfect type of watch for water sports activities. 

The unique feature about this high-caliber Luminox watch is the three mini dials that are surrounded by a tachymetric scale and a world time zone bezel. It even has an alarm function. To say that the brand stayed true to its aim for functionality is an understatement.

This tactical watch reasonably retails in the Philippine market for PHP 47,850. Get your hands on the XL.8841.KM.SEL today with Armoury. 




Staying on the Luminox Land Collection is the XL.8895. This watch set itself apart from others not only because of its ultra-durability but also its sense of style. The XL.8895, also known as BlackOps 8805, is bound to be at your wrist. 

Bring it along when you go out for extreme agendas like hiking or mountain climbing. You won’t have a problem guarding this accessory against impact. It is equipped with a black crown extension, a carbon compound case, and a stainless steel back case.  

Its luminescent dial and unidirectional ratcheting bezel are encased with a solid 44 mm antireflective sapphire crystal. 

You’ll still get to experience Luminox’s signature features with this high-performance watch. It’s the same functional analog display and Swiss quartz movement but with an impressive 200-meter water resistance. 

The XL.8895 also boasts a treaded rubber strap, an easily readable date window, and simple dial markings.

For only PHP 26,950.00, you can pair this active-lifestyle watch with your stylish outfits. It does not sacrifice fashion sense with its red and black color schemes. 




For the last watch on our list, we are switching gears to the Luminox Air Collection

The XS.6422 is a timepiece that can be considered not only perfect for people with active lifestyles but also for people who invest in all things luxurious. With its PHP 78.150 brow-raising price tag, you might start to wonder, “What makes this timepiece worth it?”.

This impressive watch is also known as the Nighthawk 6642. It was meticulously crafted by Luminox manufacturers to be eye-catching. Moreover, it is powered by a Swiss quartz movement and a bidirectional rotating bezel. As the name suggests, you can turn the bezel both clockwise and counterclockwise. Use it freely to measure the elapsed time during your next extreme adventure such as deep-sea diving.

The X2.6422 offers scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and 200-meter water resistance. But the most striking feature about this timepiece is its boldly-designed solid matte gunmetal PVD-plated stainless bracelet. It even has a security clasp to ensure you don’t lose this precious watch anywhere.  

Luminox upped their illumination game with this model by introducing SuperLuminova on numbers and bezels. This makes it possible for you to have unparalleled night visibility.  

Marvel at the design of the X2.6422 while taking it to your extreme activities. Its stealthy, black color is complemented with white hour hands and number marking. Luminox also added a dash of rich red color to its second hand. 


Key Takeaway

Whether you’re the kind of gentleman who’d spend days trail hiking in the wild or free diving to discover incredible marine life, you’ll need a Luminox timepiece wrapped around your wrist. We’ve listed the best timepieces to suit your active lifestyle such as the XL.8841.KM.SEL, XL.8895, and XA.6422. 

For more detailed information on these impressive Luminos watches, check out Armoury. With us, you can ensure that you’ll receive genuine high-performance watches.

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