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4 Best Luxury Watches from Luminox

  • July 6

What are some of the best luxury watches from Luminox?

  1. XA.6422
  2. XL.8841.KM.SEL
  3. XL.8895
  4. XS.3502.BO


Ever think about buying your very own luxury watch? It can be quite a scary prospect, what with the budget you have to allocate. But if you’ve already got this one down, then there’s absolutely no stopping you in acquiring the luxury watch of your dreams. You’ve probably seen countless movies with characters wearing a sleek piece of accessory on their wrist. You’ll finally be able to make this a reality with some of the best luxury watches from Luminox

When we say luxury, we really mean luxury. These Luminox watches can accompany you anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re enjoying a night of fine-dining in an expensive restaurant in the city, or you’re attending an exclusive party, these luxury watches are already the perfect choice for you. Check out this exclusive list of luxury watches from only one of the finest and most innovative watchmakers in the industry.




The first watch on this list is definitely not for the faint of heart — and we don’t just simply mean the price. After all, it comes at a staggering Php 78,150, just the right price for those who truly want the elusive luxury lifestyle. Anyone catching sight of this creative piece of craftsmanship will easily marvel at the watch’s design. Coming from Luminox’s Air Collection and incorporating the brand’s signature Luminox Light Technology, the XA.6422 can get you started on the path to exuberant living.

This stylish watch comes in the stealthy color of black and is complemented with white hour markers, indexes, and a rich, red-colored second hand. The crystal has been manufactured with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal which is characteristic of many luxury watches — adding another layer of durability to your watch, and providing it more scratch-resistant capabilities. Also called the Nighthawk F-117, this watch is perfect for use in low-lighting conditions and has a water resistance of up to 45mm.




This next watch on our list comes from another one of Luminox’s high-performance collections — Land. At first glance, the XL.8841.KM.SEL seems to be a hybrid between a chronograph and a highly-luxurious sports watch. And why shouldn’t it? It has all the hallmarks of one, after all. 

Like all of the watches from Luminox’s collection, this chronograph-sport luxury watch deftly integrates the Light Technology, once again providing the wearer with a more convenient method of telling time in a zero-visibility environment. Once again similar to the first watch on this list, the XL.8841.KM.SEL’s crystal is made with anti-reflective sapphire, making for easier reading of the three mini-dials. Its clasp is made with carbon-reinforced polycarbonate, accompanied by a stainless steel case back — enhancing both the watch’s functionality and stylish appeal. 

In terms of the price range, this luxury watch may be something up your alley. It comes at a friendlier price of Php 47,850 and is perfect as a gift to a fellow watch enthusiast, or simply to have as your own. 




Staying on Luminox’s Land Collection, the XL.8895 may be a good starting point for those venturing into the world of luxury accessories. Don’t let its affordable price fool you — it’s still able to provide the wearer with an unparalleled swanky feeling without the financial drawbacks of a high price point. 

The watch comes in a smooth black color, with a vibrant red color highlighting its details. Typical of all the luxury watches you’ve encountered on this list so far, this affordable watch is also protected by the signature sapphire coating. Luminox has also ensured to pair this crystal material with a soft, yet hard-wearing polyurethane strap and a stainless steel buckle to secure this watch on the wearer’s wrist. At just Php 26,950, luxury has never been more within your grasp. 




The XS.3502.BO is far closer to the previous watch, in terms of price and styling. As far as luxury watches are concerned, this all-black luxury sports watch does the job of one —giving functionality and style a brand new meaning with many of the added features. 

Compared to the three watches on this list, this watch is protected with a tempered, and scratch-resistant mineral dial. While you may have some misgivings about the mineral glass material, you can be sure that the crystal is still able to add more or less the same level of protection, with the reinforced tempered. 

Still having doubts? You may want to know that this watch is considerably lightweight, unlike most sports watches in the market. This is because its clasp manufactured with an Ultra-light Carbon Compound — the lightweight, feathery feel allows you to focus on your task at hand. If you have a trekking activity to do at 2, and an evening ball to attend at 7, then this watch is definitely what you’ll want to bring with you.


Key Takeaway


Luxury watches don’t necessarily have to be as expensive as you imagine them to be. Granted, the higher-end watches on this list may be far more expensive, they have all the features to be classified as one: sleek, stylish, and bold. 

With the best luxury watches from Luminox, you won’t have to look elsewhere.

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