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4 Minimalist Watches For Men From Mondaine

  • July 21

What are the minimalist watches for men you need from Mondaine?

  1. A660.30314.11SBB
  2. MS1.41120.RB
  3. MST.4101B.LB
  4. MS1.41110.LD


Minimalist watches are a popular choice for every gent. These timepieces were invented to tell time but these are ultimately valued for their simple design and aesthetic. And why shouldn’t they be? Minimalist watches add a sophisticated feel to make any outfit look great. Its versatility is one of the most attractive elements most men look for in a classic watch. When looking for minimalist watches for men, remember to search for simple and timeless pieces. Read on because we have four watches from Mondaine Philippines that will ensure you get the most out of your next time-telling purchase!




Mondaine has been creating back-to-basic minimalist watches since 1994. A timeless piece coming from their Classic Collection, the A660.30314.11SBB has an iconic look instilled into it. 

Like original wristwatches, this watch features a dial design with only simple number markings. It’s a Swiss classic that has distinctly bold hands and a non-domed case shape. This 36 mm small watch face is also lightweight and complements your minimalist style without making a flashy statement. 

Impart a timeless feel with its stainless steel case. Read the time through its hardened mineral crystal. And enjoy the usual prestige from the Swedish brand which includes a Quartz movement and 3 atm water resistance.

The color combinations of this Classic model are incredibly versatile, making this watch easy to pair with different outfits. With a white dial, genuine black leather strap, black number markings, and a touch of cherry red color from its back strap and crown, this timepiece is definitely perfect for all of your closet pieces. 




If you’re looking for a more dark-colored type of watch that still has that minimalist look to it, the MS1.41120.RB is perfect for you. Equipped with a black dial and a matching black natural-based rubber strap, the purity of the design meets the purity of the material with this timepiece from the Essence collection. 

Powering this watch is the signature Swiss Quartz movement and hardened mineral crystal. The distinguishing feature about this watch? This 41 mm slick timepiece is designed to have that minimalist style and eco-friendliness at the same time. 

Its classic design is made from 71% of renewable materials. With a watch case made from castor oil extracted seeds of the Ricinus tree and a natural rubber strap, it will give you a soft, lightweight, and comfortable fit. From the actual product to the packaging, the watch keeps the eco-friendliness in mind with a felt pouch made from recycled PET bottles. 

By purchasing this watch, you are not only wearing a minimal watch perfect for matching with your casual outfits, but you are also being considerate of the world we live in. Now that’s value. 




Coming from Mondaine’s STOP2GO collection is the MST.4101B.LB, a classic watch equipped with an iconic stop2go tech. 

Carefully created with Swiss craftsmanship, it has the functionality of the original Swiss railway clock where the second hand will pause when it reaches 12 to give way to the first-hand in jumping to the next minute. 

Loyal to the minimalist aesthetic, this 41 mm watch has genuine black leather straps, a white dial, and black number markings. Need to tell the time in the dark? The underside of this watch’s hands is luminous. Anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals ensure protection for your watch. This design icon stands for not only minimalism but also quality and precision.  




The last watch on this list is definitely not the least. Still coming from Mondaine’s Essence collection is Mondaine’s MS1.41110.LD

While most minimalists love their monochromes, they also know when to play with simple splashes of color. Exude a minimalist look with a hint of calm hue with this watch’s light blue textile strap and white dial. Pair it with any colored outfit and display a higher level of timeless sophistication.  

This 41 mm modern classic watch takes on innovation and sustainability. Just like the MS1.41120.RB, its strap has been carefully crafted with renewable materials — textiles and cork. View the unique back strap detail with its impressive cork color. Together with the iconic dial and its red second hand, it is a real timeless piece on every man’s wrist.


Key Takeaway

Get ready to truly embrace your minimalist style with Mondaine. Elevate your look with an added touch of refined simplicity. 

Minimalist watches are the go-to accessory to any outfit. Exude classiness and compliment your everyday appearances with the A660.30314.11SBB, MS1.41120.RB, MST.4101B.LB, and MS1.41110.LD. Armoury has got all the classic collections from Mondaine ready for you. Click here to purchase your next timeless pieces.

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