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Stepping Up Filipino Fashion Game: Armoury and SEO Philippines

Filipinos love to be hip and friendly and watches are one of the puzzle pieces for a complete stylish look. From going to malls to shop, Filipinos are now heads over heels on getting their regular dose of fashion infusion through online shopping. Through SEO services in the Philippines, Armoury is penetrating the market.

E-commerce in the Philippines is already a trillion-peso industry and yet it continues to rise with the help of SEO Philippines. Shopping is part of the Filipino culture that is why every day, shopping malls are packed. But because of the e-commerce industry, shopping has never been easy for Filipinos. They can buy everything through their mobile phones. The e-commerce industry is also easily accessible to entrepreneurs who want to make their products available to the masses that is why the growth of the industry in the Philippines is rapid.

Even with the huge number of sellers, there is a lack of quality watches that are available online and aims to fill up the void.

Armoury Philippines is an online watch store that provides the best watches from the best brands. Their watches are directly sourced from the famous brands themselves so their products are 100% authentic, high-quality, and comes with warranty.

Armoury’s Brands

Amoury’s collection includes internationally-known brands such as TW steel, D1 Milano, and Fonderia watches. These are the most sought brands in the market and they are the hottest for the modern lifestyle. Amoury’s goal is to empower Filipinos by equipping them with must-have gadgets that allow them to express themselves.

TW Steel

TW Steel is a Dutch watchmaker that is famous for its oversized watches. The company was founded in 2005 and has grown rapidly worldwide. Globally, TW Steel can be found in more than 5,000 retail stores.

D1 Milano

Founded in 2013, D1 Milano has become an internationally sought brand. The company is lead by its 26-year-old CEO Dario Spallone. D1 Milano is proud of its Italian heritage. People love it for its aesthetics and recognizable design. D1 Milano distributes its products to 28 countries.

Fonderia Labs

Fonderia Labs is a young brand with a solid foundation. The company is based in Italy. Fonderia Labs watches are available mostly on Europe and is one of the few retailers outside of that continent.

More Brands to Come

While Armoury features 3 brands in its website as of this writing, more brands are expected to come and be available for consumers. has a large variety of brands in its arsenal which gives Filipinos the freedom to choose the style that suits them. These products are directly sourced so they are guaranteed to be authentic

Going Digital

With the goal to help Filipinos complete their everyday style, started an online campaign to make their authentic watches easily available for the consumers. To achieve that, partnered with the SEO Hacker, a search engine optimization agency owned by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si, to build an e-commerce website that is easily accessible to Filipinos nationwide.

The idea was to create a website where all brands has is available for all but each brand will have its own design to better display the uniqueness of each brand. Brands like TW Steel, Fonderia Labs, and D1 Milano will have their own pages under the website. The design will allow users to easily identify each brand from one another so they can choose the right style for them.

The development wasn’t easy. The team of SEO Hacker carefully studied the branding of each company so they can perfectly capture the identity of each brand. As more brands get added to the website roster, each page will be created with the same process.

Aside from the design, the content of each page was also written in a way users can read more and know more about the foundations of each brand and what they represent. This was also to make the website visible for each brand should users specifically search for them.

The end product was beautiful. The website was optimized for both user and desktop to provide the best user experience and interface. It was easy to navigate and it was guaranteed to give users the best shopping experience.

Right now, is still at the young stages of its online campaign. The website is the foundation of the campaign and continuous SEO efforts by the SEO Hacker team will guarantee that its visibility will increase rapidly.

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