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It's not a Watch, It's a Statement!

TW Steel offers quality timepieces with sporty and contemporary designs that exude a great amount of style and functionality. It is beyond just wearing a watch, as you are also wearing a statement.

The perfect timepiece for those who are not afraid to stand out, TW Steel Time promises perpetual innovation by exceeding boundaries, forming new collaborations, breaking new ground and diverging from the traditional path of designing watches. If you want to wear something that is more than just a timepiece, TW Steel will provide you with the best statement.

It's not a Watch, It's a Statement!
It's not a Watch, It's a Statement!

Global Footprint

Recognized globally, TW Steel has become the timepiece of choice for people who want to make a statement. Due to the performance that it offers, our timepieces have become renowned for their robust design and loud styling. TW Steel has also collaborated with some of the most recognizable faces in the world of motorsport, which is a testament to the quality that we offer.

Our goal is to continue to make new breakthroughs and innovations that help us craft the best timepieces, and continue our commitment to providing high-quality and value. Time does not rest and so do we. TW Steel committed to improving the global impact of our brand.


Founded in 2005, TW Steel was established by its fearless entrepreneur CEO Jordy Cobelens, who had a vision of creating high-quality timepieces that ooze both style and attitude. With Jordy becoming the business mind, his father Ton Cobelens is the creative force behind the brand, helping craft watches that strike a balance between quality, style, and function.

With ambition and experience at their side, Jordy and Ton have been able to elevate TW Steel on the global stage, creating classic timepieces and forming collaborations with various personalities. The brand continues to create innovative timepieces, which allows them to push the boundaries of what they can create in order to provide the best.

It's not a Watch, It's a Statement!
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